Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Protest/Press Conference

Press release: Embargoed till Thursday 14th May 2009 at 10am.

Press conference/protest called by The Scottish Afghan Society

Outside the U.S. Consulate General Edinburgh, Scotland
3 Regent Terrace
Edinburgh EH7 5BWDay/Time: Thursday 14 May 2009, 10.00am

Confirmed attendee’s include:
Sandra White, SNP MSP
David Hayman, Actor and Director- Spirit Aid
Stop the War Coalition

Others invited
Pauline McNeill Labour MSP
Rose Gentle - Military Families

The Stop the War Coalition will launch its national petition to get the troops out of Afghanistan.

The petition wording is as follows:
Nothing the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, and the destabilisation of Pakistan arising from the NATO military intervention in the region and believing that only the Afghan people themselves can generate a political solution to their country’s problems, therefore demand that the government commence the withdrawal of all British military forces from Afghanistan.

Contact for further information:
Mohammad N Asif, Chair, Scottish Afghan Society –

Notes to the editors
The war in Afghanistan was supposed to have been won without firing a shot. Today over 160 British soldiers are dead. Countless thousands of Afghan civilians have been killed and millions are refugees.
Another US air strike killed 147 civilians in the Farah province in Afghanistan, another promise by the Pentagon to "investigate".
Obama's troop surge in Afghanistan, -- adding another 21,000 troops -- will bring more death and destruction and ensure a steady supply of "collateral damage".
The Bush "war on terror" has been rebranded as "overseas contingency operations" by the Obama administration but everything remains the same.
Gordon Brown, visiting British troops in Afghanistan, said, "Afghanistan and Pakistan are the breeding ground, the crucible of terrorism. A chain of terror links these areas to the streets of many of the capital cities of the world."
He's right of course. The more terror the US and British armed forces rain down on Afghanistan and Pakistan, the more the victims who survive will be driven to acts of desperation against the perpetrators.
103 times more people have been killed in Iraq & Afghanistan than in all terrorist attacks between 1993 and 2004. So, who's the terrorist?
There will be no solution to terrorism until America and Britain end their occupations of mass slaughter and destruction in other people's countries. Which is why the 2009 Stop the War national conference voted to step up its campaign for a total withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan and for the restoration of Afghan sovereignty within international law.